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Mission & Vision

At The Players' House, we are deeply committed to our core mission while we look ahead towards an ambitious vision.

Our Vision

Our vision at The Players' House is to create a world that more equitably values the modern athlete and recognizes their powerful role, not just in competition, but also in culture, politics, and society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide greater access to information, resources, and opportunities for players and their families along their athletic journeys. We believe that providing access to transparent, and centralized information and resources will offer more opportunities to more players. Our goal is to help address information asymmetry and inequality in the high school and college sports communities.

Our Purpose

We built the Players’ House to facilitate greater opportunities for athletes, overcome systemic inequities, and create a thriving community and culture focused on the power of the player. We believe that athletic opportunities and access to higher education change peoples’ lives forever and create leaders and thinkers who move the world forward. The lessons we learn through sports last well beyond our athletic careers and provide us with a foundation that propels us to success in life.

It is that foundation upon which the Players’ House is built. We believe in offering tools that athletes need to find their community while empowering the person behind the jersey to realize their value beyond the field. The Players’ House is a community of teammates, leaders, competitors, doers, and thinkers. We inspire each other not only through our talents and performance, but also our ambitions to succeed, resilience in the face of adversity, and dedication to the team. We hope the Players’ House serves as a home for all athletes from all backgrounds who are connected by sport, but united by purpose.

In the end, there is no game without the Players.

Our Core Values

These are the guiding principles of our organization, which help our team determine if we are on the right path to accomplish our vision.

Act Like a Captain, Always

Acting like a captain means stepping up to get the job done, no matter what lies ahead. It means knowing when to take the lead and when to let your teammates shine.

Be a Clear Communicator

Whether in sport or in profession, communication is key in driving alignment on a clear vision, as well as sound execution of strategy. Ensure you communicate clearly.

Be a Conscientious Teammate

Be upright, honest, just, and honorable. Consider the impact your decisions and work have on your teammates, company, customers, and broader community.

Courageously Experiment

Just like athletes who push for the next level of play, be brave and enthusiastic in your experiments to continue building better products for our customers.

Our Team

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