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Created for aspiring college athletes & best-in-class athletic programs.

Great players hope to play for great coaches. We help them find one another.

The Players' House provides the simplest way for high school athletes to understand their options. We also provide a unique space for universities, colleges, and collegiate coaching staff to showcase their athletic programs.

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Created for athletes, parents, alumni, coaches, and colleges.

Every year, talented college-bound athletes and their families are in pursuit of the right institutions to continue both their academic and athletic journeys. At the same time, collegiate coaching staff are working hard year-round to build the best teams and athletic programs that positively represent their brand and attract the best players. Current college players and alumni largely contribute to this process and team evolution, and their value should be recognized.

The process of finding the right school and team — and learning more about what players, families, and coaches value — could be simpler, more informative, and more fun.

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College-Bound Athletes & Families

Start your college search at the top and explore your options. Review school and coach profiles, and speak to players before you visit to ensure you feel inspired by the leadership and athletic program.

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High School & Club Coaches

Give your athletes an easier place to start their college search. Expand your network of college coaches to better equip your high school or club players with opportunities to play at the collegiate level.

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College Athletes & Alumni

Understand your rights as a college athlete, connect with players and alumni around the world, and join a community of athletes who earn money from their knowledge, experience, and skill.

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Universities, Colleges & Staff

Prospective students and talented athletes often do not know all of their options for higher education. Showcase your athletic programs, coaching staff, and student life in a consolidated place online.

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What We Offer

The Players’ House is are committed to creating a suite of online web tools and resources which help players navigate their athletic journeys. Coaches, athletic directors, and universities play a big part in this experience - therefore - it is our aim to better enable them, as well.

For college-bound athletes, families & HS coaches

College Map Search by Sport & Academic Filters

Easily navigate a map showcasing schools with your sport. Narrow your search with over 20 athletic & academic filters.

Explore School Profiles, Stats & Social Presence

Go in-depth on schools that meet your interests by comparing stats like student & faculty diversity, and costs. Check out their social media presence, too.

Research College Head Coaches of Your Sport

Researching potential coaches to understand their leadership styles and expectations will help align expectations and better enable your success in recruiting and on campus.

For college coaches & athletic staff

The Players' House is working to create technology that enables coaches to uplift their players and better support their teams. If you would like to adopt your page, message us via our Contact Us page.

Increased Visibility for New Recruits

Prospective students commonly discover schools based on location or what family, friends, or counselors recommend. We aim to improve your program's visibility.

Relay Important Info & Timelines

Share answers to common FAQs you receive from players and their families, as well as relevant news & updates from your college, athletic program, or team.

Highlight Program Accomplishments

We make it easy for you to share articles, video clips and more that highlight team wins, player stories, and your perspective. This enables you to set the right expectations for incoming students.

Tell Us What You Need

Our team is eager to hear what could make your life easier. We hope to allow you to spend more time empowering your players - both in the classroom and in the game.

For universities, colleges & athletic directors

Greater Discoverability of Your Academic & Athletic Programs

It's a heavy lift for prospective students and their families to navigate a commonly disaggregated college search process. We provide a consolidated and geographical search tool built to manage both academic and athletic pursuits, as well as expose students to more collegiate options.

Enable Your Athletic Leaders to Attract the Right Talent

The relationship between athletes and their coaches requires trust and mutual respect. Prospective recruits are eager to know what to expect for their experience as a collegiate athlete, as well as understand their potential coach's progress and expectations. We hope to help colleges make this information more accessible.

For current college athletes and alumni

We are creating a special set of features to help you elevate your collegiate and professional life. If you would like to learn more, visit our Contact Us page or send an email to players@players.house. We value your early participation and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Know Your Worth

Your experience as a collegiate athlete is valuable in a variety of ways that continue to evolve. It is core to our mission to remind people of this fact, and we are actively building features to showcase your earning potential.

Professional Opportunities

In many cases, athletes are valuable contributors to professional environments and teams. As such, companies are eager to hire them. We look forward to sharing these opportunities with you, and broadening your network.

Niche Circle of Athletes

Opportunities to nurture or grow your circle of friends or mentors can change after college. We often hear from former college athletes about how important these friends are in their lives. We aim to further enable these athletic communities.